Home organisation: enabling the perfect space to evolve

Home organisation is an integral part of my interiors business, simply because it works hand in hand with developing the design and style of your home.

In my view, spending time, effort and money on a stunning design concept for a room is wasted if the designs don’t offer enough storage solutions for you and your family. Often, clients just need my support to help them use the storage space they already have, but in a more effective way. They are amazed at how liberating it can be to declutter – with a fresh pair of eyes we can work wonders together!

There is no negative judgement from me about how tidy my client’s home is; I only see storage dilemmas I need to find solutions for. I am a proud member of the APDO (The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) who offer me support, training and ongoing advice, which I use to work with clients both mindfully and proactively, so we can make the most of their space.

I often work with families, and have two teenagers myself, so I understand how tricky it is to keep things tidy day in, day out. However, I truly believe that a few simple storage solutions that work for the whole family really can make such a difference.

With many of us now finding ourselves working from home, we are spending more time there than ever, so it’s even more vital for our wellbeing to put boundaries in place ­–  we need space to relax and think without clutter disturbing our peace. More often than not, it’s not the plump cushion or dreamy wallpaper that’s going to make your room the relaxing haven you dream of, it’s the work we put in upfront that enables the perfect space to evolve.



What can 15 the firs interiors do for you?

There are so many ways we work with clients to create a more organised space. We can:

  • make you a decluttering plan that is bespoke to you and your needs (one size does not fit all!). This can be managed by me on site, we can work together, or I can leave you with manageable tasks to achieve with regular checkpoints
  • source and select the perfect storage solutions for your space – be those baskets, boxes, rails, labels or pieces of furniture
  • book some decluttering sessions and design a dream room concept board to spur us on to reach your goal
  • design bespoke storage solutions for you and source tradespeople to build them
  • work through your wardrobes and cupboards, taking unwanted items to local charities

On average, clients spend a couple of hundred pounds with me to organise their space. It can be a great way to mark a new beginning – you really will enjoy some calm at home with the satisfaction of a little clarity.  What’s not to love?

“When home feels out of control, no matter what the reason, unsettledness and anxiety can seep in and then the chaos becomes internal aswell as external.”

MyQuillyn Smith     .

Kim Bunce