Troubleshooting Visit

Service-Troubleshooting Visit <br>£99

Do you look at your room and it doesn’t feel finished?

Are you wanting a quick fix with some clever interior ideas and tips?

Are you stuck thinking about what you don’t like in your room and can’t see its potential?

The troubleshooting visit is a perfect starting point for you if you are struggling with any of the above.

What’s included:

  • I will visit your home for 1 hour to discuss what you are finding tricky in a room
  • My style is practical and hands on so I will offer you some-straight talking advice and guidance to solve your design dilemmas and those interior irritations

You will be left feeling excited and motivated to move forward with the interior solutions I have set, so you can show off your new space to family and friends or relax in a beautiful room that you deserve.

Service-Troubleshooting Visit <br>£99

Colour Consultancy

Service-Colour Consultancy <br>£149

Are you struggling to choose colours and tones for your room?

Have you been wasting money on paint samples and still not found the perfect colour? 

Are you keen to be a bit braver with colour?

If so the  colour consultancy package is your one stop shop for all you paint choice requirements 

What’s included:

  • An onsite visit to explore potential colour choices and requirements 
  • A second home visit with up to 4 paint colour choices chosen for you
  • These paint samples are painted onto a board and labelled so you can move the boards around the room with ease to see how they work in different lights or take out with you to match with other samples pieces of furniture 
  • I will help you make the final decision on that all important colour without stress

I can arrange an appointment for my recommended painter and decorator to carry out any work required to alleviate the stress of finding a reputable tradesperson.

Service-Colour Consultancy <br>£149

The Revamp

Service-The Revamp <br>£229

Are you bored and frustrated by a room that’s tired and dated?

Are you embarrassed to spend time in there? Does it spark dread instead of joy?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about changing it, but don’t know where to start?

If you answer yes to one or all of the above then the Revamp is for you.

You’ll get to vent your interior frustrations onto me.  I’ll listen to your vision and create a revamped room design that will make you feel proud to show it off.

What’s included:

  • A 1 hour on-site initial consultation including room measurements and photos
  • A 1 hour furniture placement planning discussion, which will give you ideas and options on how furniture could work in your room. You will be left with a clear vision of how much potential the room has.
  • An initial mood board to bring together your ideas, colour and vibe of the room
  • Access to me through WhatsApp messaging throughout this process and for 2 weeks after the initial mood board has been presented so you can ask me any questions to help you move your project along promptly.
  • I can share my little black book of recommended tradespeople, to save you the time and the hassle of searching for reliable and experienced people to work in your home. This list includes painter and decorators, plumbers, curtain makers, carpet suppliers etc
Service-The Revamp <br>£229

The Revamp Luxe

Service-The Revamp Luxe <br>£499

Do you spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, mulling over your dream room but the ideas never actually come to anything?

Do you want a new room to relax in and enjoy but struggle to know what interior styles you like?

Are you short on time to source the perfect items for your room?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, then the Revamp Luxe is for you.

It’s a journey that bypasses the stress of organising the interior design of a room and elevates the hassle of choosing and finding items for your room. It provides you with a personalised mood board that will clearly show how the room could look when finished. I will also provide shopping list of fabulous items to purchase which will work in harmony with any existing furniture you’d like to keep.

What’s included:

Everything in the Revamp package above, plus

  • Concept board with 2 choices of furniture pieces or accessories and 12 items to purchase
  • A clickable shopping list which will save you time and energy, knowing all the hard graft has been done for you
  • Access to me via WhatsApp messaging and catch up calls for 4 weeks
Service-The Revamp Luxe <br>£499

Clutter no more
from £249

Service-Clutter no more <br>from £249

Would you like to spend less time picking up “stuff” and not knowing where to put it?

Do you feel stressed and often argue about lost items?

Would you like some stunning yet practical storage solutions to elevate your room?

The Clutter no more package will give you a clearer space and mind to see how much potential your room has.

You can choose for us to either work together to speed up the process or be left “homework” of sorting through items yourself with deadlines, so we keep on track with the process

What’s included:

  • A 1 hour onsite visit to talk through the area of your home that needs organising
  • I will listen to your current struggles with the room and  give you an honest review of how the decluttering process could work and how much time I will need to allocate to this (3 hours min is required for a booking)
  • I will sort through your items and divide into clear sections so we can decide what to keep, what goes to charity, what stays in the room, what to sell
  • Once the items have all been decluttered I organise the space and will advise on storage solution options
  • Finally, I  can advise you on local amenities to dispose of decluttered items and will take away up to 5 bags of unwanted items to charity 

I am APDO registered  (Association of Professional Declutterers and organisers) so I am trained to be sensitive to your needs and will encourage decision making to keep on task.


Service-Clutter no more <br>from £249

Optional Extras

Samples package from £49 

Are you struggling to wade through pages of wallpaper and fabric samples?

Are you unsure what paint tones will complement other items in your room?

Would you like to see real samples delivered to your home to explore and decide upon before making a big decision?

I will source and deliver paint, fabric wallpaper and flooring samples to your home, to relieve the stress and overwhelm that often comes with doing interior design yourself.

Styling package from £99

Do you need help styling your new pieces of furniture, shelving unit? Are you selling your house and want to stage it to help sell it? Do you feel overwhelmed knowing how to pull a room together or  finish it off to perfection?

My expert eye and vision will help you create that finished “look”, to add some new interest without having to spend a fortune.

4d Drawings and Plans from £99

Are you struggling to visualise your dream space? If you would prefer detailed visual  plans of your room to really see it come alive, I also offer 4d visuals with your chosen furniture pieces included.

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