Designing a breakout area for staff to enjoy

Office life: Design a calm break out area for staff to enjoy

I was approached by a local recruitment consultancy firm to update their breakout area. The client’s brief was to encourage staff to use the area for eating lunch, have some time out from their busy work environment and make a positive transition from home to office, following covid working-from-home rule changes.

It was important for me to keep the feel of a professional work environment so the room could be used for meetings, but I wanted to incorporate a relaxed, peaceful vibe to the area that would make the team feel nurtured and cared for.

The challenge was how to incorporate my design into a serviced building with the traditional British office spec, which, let’s face it, is never going to win any interior awards!

The before and after shots say it all…


I took time to speak to the team about their requirements and then set about developing a concept board. It was important to take time to explore materials that would stand wear and tear in a busy office but that didn’t compromise on style and design. I wanted to explore texture to add depth and interest so used materials such as brushed metal, marble, cork, wool and huge amounts of texture via the cushions and accessories.

The wellbeing of the team was high on the client’s wish list, so by incorporating a number of plants with health benefits, using a calm and peaceful colour palette and adding inspirational travel art on the bland office walls, we’re really pleased with the restful environment that’s been created. It’s a transformation I’m very proud of and the team are really enjoying the space, so much so that at times it’s tricky to encourage them to go home at the end of the day!

My job as your interior designer is to incorporate your practical requirements, but just as important is to capture the ‘feel’ of the room so you are excited to walk in and enjoy that space. Whether it’s a working-from-home space designed in the corner of your lounge or a large open plan area that’s empty and needs furniture planning and placement, I am more than happy to with all your interior design and home organisation needs.

Feel free to contact me to help you design and install the perfect pieces for you, so you can enjoy the rooms you deserve.